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Motivation to Start EMR System

Why Install an EMR - Electronic Medical Records System Now.

The future is moving toward Electronic Medical Records. You have to decide on the optimum system for you today. You will want a system that provides you with the most comprehensive software, with the easiest interface to use.

Find such a Electronic Medical Records (EMR) service provider on this website and start enjoying the benefits of having all your patient records in electronic format..

  • EMR Stimulus Savings: Use EMR systems to the fullest and be eligible for Economic Stimulus money which may exceed $40,000 in some cases.
  • Medicare Part B discounts on electronically prescribed prescriptions. How much would your practice gain with a 2% discount on prescriptions. This alone might pay for some systems.

The most recent hurricane disasters remind everyone of the potential risk of having your records on paper only. Many of these records were destroyed. This left thousands of patient records missing. Billions of dollars were spent to redo medical tests and records because of the loss of paper records.

Eventually, all health providers will adopt some sort of Electronic Medical Records program.Do you need more immediate access to files? Is the amount of time it takes to retrieve a file from the file room simply too long?

Typical Requests For Services

Community Health Center that is going out of business. Need record storage for some paper health records (@100boxes), and electronic medical records (e-clinical is s/w and will be on external hard drive) IAW HIPPA and VA law 8 yrs adults and 18 yrs m
We were referred to you by Dr.
I exploring options for storing our archived charts, including electronic mediums such as disks or a server. We also have plans to implement and EMR within the 1-2 years and will need to convert active charts to the new system. Please provide info
Please call me in regards to a mass scanning of patient charts for EMR purposes.
On site medical record chart scanning into our EMR system, appox 30,000 charts